Electron-Beam Lithography

For nanoscale patterning, a Raith EBPG 5000+ electron-beam lithography system provides 100kV patterning of 10 nm scale devices over six-inch substrates. This electron-beam writer is fully automated, with a laser-guided substrate stage providing 15 nm field stitching, 15 nm overlay accuracy, laser height measurement for automatic focus adjustment, and metrology functions for self-calibration. The EBPG is highly regarded for its ease of use and very flexible control software. Yale programs utilizing electron beam lithography include research in optical waveguides, quantum computing, electron transport physics and photonic bandgap engineering.

Accel. voltage    100 kV
Current 0.5 to 200  na
Min spot size 4 nm
Min line width 10 nm
Max clock 50 MHz
Substrate size

1 to 15 cm

EBPG Documentation and Training Course