Manuals & Documentation

Manuals (access from Yale only)

FEI Osirus TEM manual

Vistec EBPG electron-beam lithography system manuals

Beamer Manual

Cheat Sheets

Hitachi SU70 SEM cheat sheet

TEM cheat sheet (v4)

EBPG cheat sheet

E-beam data preparation (with Beamer) cheat sheet

Flat polishing cheat sheet

Electron-beam lithography training material

EBPG training is now an online Yale Canvas course. Please contact the YINQE staff for an invitation to enroll. In case you would like to see the course material without enrolling, here are the presentations:


Choosing parameters

EBPG hardware


Layout CAD tutorial

Optional: Beamer tutorial

Optional: Cjob tutorial

More useful information about electron-beam lithography:

Living With E-beam Drift:   part 1    part 2     part 3

Proximity Effect Correction: here are those PSF files you need


Un. Minnesota EBPG Wiki    

Storing HSQ in liquid nitrogen

Development of PMMA in IPA/water

Conducting layer for HSQ resist

[The EBPG calculator previously found here is now available as a program you can download and run locally.  Look for the EBPG calculator on our download page. The EBPG calculator can also be found on chickenfoot desktops.]