Quantum Silicon Photonics

Xiaosong Ma Department of Electrical Engineering, Yale University
Seminar Date: 
Friday, October 17, 2014 - 12:00pm
Prospect Street
New Haven, CT

Abstract: The advantages of single photons at the optical frequency make them not only the workhorse of testing the foundations of quantum physics against the classical interpretation of nature, but also suitable for various tasks in quantum information processing. In order to realize these tasks, one needs a scalable platform for building up multiple quantum logic gates with complex quantum optical circuitries. Silicon and other CMOS compatible material are the ideal candidates due to their chip-scale footprint, well-established fabrication techniques and compatibility to exotic material (superconductors for instance) enabling measurementinduced nonlinear interaction between photons. In my talk, I will cover our recent endeavors in quantum sensing as well as quantum logic operations with silicon photonic platform. I will first present our demonstration of on-chip interaction-free measurements via the quantum Zeno effect. By taking the inherent advantages of the lithographically written waveguides, we employ wave-particle duality of single photons and the quantum Zeno effect to sense the presence of absorbers even if the photons and the absorbers haven’t interacted. Second, I will present the results of on-chip quantum interference realized with SiN waveguides, which is the key building block of linear optical quantum computation. At last, I will discuss the opportunities and challenges for improving the scalability of photonic quantum systems.

Paul Fleury
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