Katharine Jensen Sticking to Soft Solids February 13, 2015
Michael J. Hatridge A Fock State Detector for Qubit Measurement February 13, 2015
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Minjoo Larry Lee Playing the strain game: tensile Ge nanowires embedded in a III-V matrix January 16, 2015
Dr. Jianping Fu Micro/nanoengineering for medicine: Examples of stem cell mechanobiology and functional immunophenotyping December 5, 2014
Professor Nadrian C. Seeman Department of Chemistry, New York University Special YINQE Seminar: "DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life" November 13, 2014
Heedeuk Shin Department of Applied Physics, Yale University New signal processing schemes based on photonic-phononic emitter-receivers in silicon October 31, 2014
Jon Singer Department of Electrical Engineering, Yale University Multiscale Patterning of Metallic Glasses through Sacrificial ZnO Templates October 31, 2014
Yaron Bromberg Department of Applied Physics, Yale University Classical Key Distribution in Multimode Fibers Using Optical Reciprocity October 17, 2014