Faustin W. Carter Department of Physics, Yale University Towards The In-Situ Detection Of A Single He2* Excimer In Superfluid Helium April 25, 2014
Stephanie Tomasulo Department of Electrical Engineering, Yale University Wide-Bandgap Metamorphic Solar Cells Grown By Molecular Beam Epitaxy April 25, 2014
Professor Joerg Bewersdorf Departments of Cell Biology and Biomedical Engineering, Yale University Observing Nanoscale Dynamics in Living Cells by Breaking the Diffraction Barrier of Light April 11, 2014
Professor Charles Sindelar Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University How Do Cytoskeletal Motor Proteins Work? A New Look Under The Hood of the Kinesin Molecular Machine April 11, 2014
Andrei Malashevich Department of Applied Physics, Yale University Field-effect modulation of structure and conductivity of LaNiO3 thin films March 28, 2014
Jordan Lang Department of Electrical Engineering, Yale University Low-cost high-efficiency solar: III/V-on-silicon March 28, 2014
Zaki Leghtas Department of Applied Physics, Yale University Preparing Schrodinger Cat States By Parametric Pumping February 28, 2014
Minsuk Kwak Department of Biomedical Engineering, Yale University “Nanowire Array Chips For Molecular Typing Of Rare Trafficking Leukocytes With Application To Neurodegenerative Pathology February 28, 2014
Professor Robert Crabtree Department of Chemistry, Yale University Hydroxamates as Robust, Conductive Anchors for Semiconductor Oxide Surfaces February 14, 2014
Professor Judy J. Cha Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Yale University 2D Electronic Nanomaterials and Analytical STEM February 14, 2014