Apply for a YINQE account



Send your account code to the YINQE staff, or enter it in the training reservation, so that we can set up your account for you. This account code is called a “COA”. Ask your advisor or business manager for this COA account code. Please include your advisor’s name.


Please send email to YINQE so that we can set up your account. You are required to submit an additional form, called the Memo Of Understanding, and to provide an insurance rider described in that form.


After you receive email about your new YINQE account,


This should download “badger.jnlp”. Look for this file in your “Downloads” folder, or find it listed at the bottom of your browser window. If your browser is blocking this download, try downloading this copy (which is inside a zip archive file.)

Double-click on the badger.jnlp file to install Badger. You may see pop-up warnings about security and certificates, etc. Click OK to install.  Badger requires Java to be installed on your computer. See below.

Use the “Lost Password?” button on the login to receive a temporary password. Use the Badger menu “Window -> Change Password” to set a more convenient password.

Sign up for equipment training. You must provide a COA when you sign up for a training session, unless you already have a YINQE account.

  • Apple does not support Java on the iPad or iPhone, so you are out of luck.
  • Android does not run Java and it is not worth the effort to jailbreak your device just for Badger.