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Hitachi SU70 SEM 

FEI Osiris TEM (v6)


Bruker Fastscan AFM 

E-beam Resist Processes

Local wisdom


Bilayer PMMA / P(MMA-MAA)


HSQ resist

see also HSQ essential tips from the FAQ files

Remote wisdom

Caltech - PMMA, ma-N, SML, PMMA bilayer, ZEP (CSAR)

Un. Minnesota PMMA/PMGI bilayer

Cornell - PMMA, NEB, ZEP (CSAR), HSQ (Dow XR1541), ma-N

Development of PMMA in ethanol/water, aka “Development characteristics of polymethyl methacrylate in alcohol/water mixtures: a lithography and Raman spectroscopy study,” L.E. Ocola, M. Costales, D.J. Gosztola, Nanotechnology, Volume 27, Number 3

Electron-beam lithography training material

EBPG training is now an online Yale Canvas course. Please contact the YINQE staff for an invitation to enroll. In case you would like to see the course material without enrolling, here are the presentations. Feel free to plagiarize with impunity. No permissions or citations are required.


Choosing parameters

EBPG hardware


Layout CAD tutorial

Getting the least from your e-beam

Beamer 4.2.0 tutorial (used on the ebpg-5000)

Beamer 6.1.1 tutorial (used on the ebpg-5200)

Cjob tutorial

Living With E-beam Drift

E-beam Tips and Tricks

For EBPG e-beam users

For EBPG system administrators


Un. Minnesota EBPG Wiki    

Caltech EBPG  (Note that some procedures described here are not allowed at Yale. Be sure to ask permission before trying anything new.)

Storing HSQ in liquid nitrogen

HSQ essential tips from the FAQ files

Development of PMMA in IPA/water

Conducting layer for HSQ resist