Transmission Electron Microscopy

The FEI Tecnai Osiris 200kV TEM is specifically configured for material science. While the software and electron optics share a great deal with the 200kV TEMs found in the Yale Medical School, the Osiris is equipped with a new type of high-brightness electron source and a new high-area solid-angle x-ray detector, making possible high-speed spectral imaging. This new generation of electron microscope is operated from a remote console, making use of motorized apertures and high-resolution video cameras to keep human operators removed from the sensitive electron optics. For sample preparation, YINQE is equipped with a Leica cryo-microtome. A focussed-ion beam instrument is available on West Campus. 

Point resolution  0.25 nm
Information limit 0.14 nm
Spherical aber. coef. 1.2 mm
Chromatic aber. coef. 1.1 mm
Maximum tilt ±30
Brightness @200kV

1.8e9 A/cm²srad

EDX resolution 136 eV